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Image DesignWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 102263.3


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 1

Credit Points: 10

Equivalent Units
100943 - Image Design: Illustration, 101884 - Introduction to Photomedia, 700196 - Image Design (WSTC)

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in one of the following courses 1571 Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication), 1696 Bachelor of Communication, 1736 Bachelor of Communication (Dean's Scholars), 1737 Bachelor of Design - Visual Communication (Dean's Scholars), 1838 Bachelor of Creative Industries, 1839 Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Creative Industries, 1840 Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative Industries, 1841 Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative Industries, 1842 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Creative Industries, 1843 Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary), 6007 Diploma in Communication/Bachelor of Communication, 6009 Diploma in Communication/Bachelor of Creative Industries, 6011 Diploma in Design/Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication), 6013 Diploma in Design/Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary), 6015 Diploma in Communication/Bachelor of Screen Media (Arts and Production).

About this Unit
Image Design introduces students to the use of signification and metaphor in the visual communication of verbal and written concepts. The process of creating and evaluating images is explored through the principles of visual organisation, and the experience of image making through photographic and illustrative methods, techniques and mediums.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
For the Photography part of the unit you will need 1 x 8 gig storage drive. For the Illustration part of the unit you will need 1 X A4 pad of cartridge paper, 1 X A4 pad of Canson Illustration paper, 2 X A4 sheets of different coloured Canson Illustration paper (120gsm) (for the paper cut-out illustration) (students should purchase this paper stock when they have created their design, so that the colour choice is appropriate to the theme), 1 x 3B Woodless Progresso pencil, 1 x A4 Jasart green cutting mat, 1 x Sterling art knife with safety cap, 1 X pack of 5 blades for Sterling art knife, 1 x pair of 6 inch all-purpose scissors, 1 x 30cm Steel Ruler, 1 x 11ml bottle of black drawing ink, 1 x 0.3mm black Copic Multiliner pen, 1 x 10mm pack of 400 Carven Magic dots, 1 x Elmer’s craft Bond Glue Stick extra strength.

1571.10Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)CURRENT
1571.9Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)CONTINUING
1696.4Bachelor of CommunicationCURRENT
1736.2Bachelor of Communication (Dean's Scholars)CURRENT
1737.2Bachelor of Design - Visual Communication (Dean's Scholars)CURRENT
1838.1Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1838.2Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1839.1Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1839.2Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1840.1Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1840.2Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1841.1Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1841.2Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1842.1Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCONTINUING
1842.2Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT
1843.1Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)CONTINUING
1843.2Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)CURRENT
3729.4Bachelor of Design and TechnologyCURRENT
3730.4Bachelor of Industrial DesignCURRENT
3731.4Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)CURRENT
3746.2Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Games Design and Simulation)CURRENT
3769.1Bachelor of Data ScienceCONTINUING
3769.2Bachelor of Data ScienceCURRENT
6009.2Diploma in Communication/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesCURRENT


M1109.1Digital CulturesCURRENT
M1116.1Graphic DesignCURRENT
SM1117.1Digital CulturesCURRENT
SM1118.1Graphic DesignCURRENT
SM3097.1Advanced Game DesignCONTINUING

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