Postgraduate Specialisation - Distributed Computing

Western Sydney University Postgraduate Specialisation Code: ST3054.1

Related Courses

3698.4 Master of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced)
3699.3 Master of Information and Communications Technology
3699.4 Master of Information and Communications Technology

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

The Distributed Computing Specialisation provides the students with in-depth knowledge for the analysis, design, and evaluation of distributed systems. It offers the students the opportunity to develop the research and technical skills needed for development and management of a broad range of large-scale systems including distributed systems, Cloud computing and Big Data applications.

Postgraduate Specialisation Structure

Students must complete the following four units

301042 Cloud Computing
301046 Big Data
300696 Systems and Network Security
301386 Cloud Systems Development

Replaced units

The units listed below count towards completion of the specialisation for students who may have passed these units in Autumn 2021 or earlier.

301163 - Modern Software Architectures

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