Major - Cultural and Social Analysis

Western Sydney University Major Code: M1034.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : YES, if the specialisation is available on your Home campus. Please ensure your course structure allows space for enrolment in the units in this unit set. Students must also meet any pre-requisite requirements. Consult your Course Advisor for further advice.

Cultural and Social Analysis is an interdisciplinary major developing knowledge, research skills and analytic capacities relevant to understanding and interpreting landscapes of cultural diversity and social difference in our contemporary world, both in terms of the broad contours, as well as specific micro-social environments. This major provides grounding in contemporary debates and methodologies in cultural studies and social theory, and draws on various disciplines including history, sociology, communications, and linguistics. Topics include popular culture, everyday urban life, cultural and social impacts of scientific theories and new technologies, multiculturalism, and contemporary spirituality. Study in this area is relevant for work involving commentary and analysis of contemporary social issues and cultural practices (e.g. journalism, teaching, activism) and fields concerned with designing, delivering and evaluating cultural and artistic productions, and education, communication, welfare or health services, in culturally diverse communities.

Major Structure

Students must complete the compulsory Level 1 unit

100897 Everyday Life

and seven units from the following pools with no less than three Level 3 units in order to complete the major.

Note: Not all units will be offered each year. Units will be offered on a rotational basis.

Level 2 Unit Pool

102192 Cinema and Censorship
101967 Cultural History of Books and Reading
101980 Culture, Society and Globalisation
101250 Digital Futures
101986 International Texts and Contexts
100964 Introduction to Film Studies
100882 Politics of Sex and Gender
101917 Representing Everyday Life in Literary and Visual Cultures
101906 Researching Culture
101867 The Ethical Life
101990 The Racial State
101989 Thinking Cinema
100291 Urban Life/Urban Culture
100298 Youth Cultures and Moral Panics

Level 3 Unit Pool

101981 Activism, Engagement and Social Change
101265 Children's Culture
101626 Children's Literature: Image and Text
101870 Climate Change and Culture
101984 Cinema and Experience
102185 Culture, Discourse and Meaning
100996 Death and Culture
100860 Emotions, Culture and Community
100866 Film and Drama
102305 Food: A Cultural History
101716 Healing and Culture
101991 History of Sexuality
101988 Human Rights and Culture
100961 Humanities Internship
101468 Islam, Media and Conflict
101985 Politics, Power and Resistance
101253 Public Memory and Commemoration
102191 Queer Culture
101005 Representing Crime
101738 The Art Game: Fraud, Forgery, Theft and Perfidy
101009 The Body in Culture
101731 Understanding Power
101898 Violence in Everyday Life
101010 What is the Human?

Please note:

The Level 2 and level 3 units listed below count towards completion of the major for students who may have passed units in the list in 2015 or earlier.

Level 2 units

101409 - Aboriginal Cultural Texts

101408 - Critical Discourse Analysis

100845 - Contemporary Popular Cultures

SS238A - Genres

101251 - Introduction to Psychoanalysis

100273 - New Ethnicities, Old Racisms

G2006 - Race, Community and National Identity in Australia

100884 - Social Inequalities

100886 - Special Topics in Cultural and Social Analysis

100889 - Technocultures

10371 - The Art Museum-from the Prince to the Public

101411 - Theories of Representation

101879 - Women with Muslim Identity

Level 3 units

101295 - Aesthetics

400087 - Applied Critical Methods

100988 - Chaos and Communication

100990 - Cinema, Culture, Memory

100992 - Communication: Power and Practice

100994 - Consumer Culture

100858 - Culture and Globalisation

100998 - Evolutionary Thinking

101844 - Feminist Theories

100999 - Gender at Work

101955 - Honours Foundation

101739 - Literature and Trauma

101732 - Media, The Everyday and Uneven Modernities

101800 - Media, Violence, Protest, Terror

101987 - Postcolonial Australian Cinema

101252 - Psychoanalytic Criticism

101003 - Religion and Culture

101006 - Social Semiotics

101007 - Story Links and Indigenous Knowledge

101832 - Talking Normal: Sociolinguistics and Modern Literature

101008 - Technologies of Racism

101848 - Transnationalism and Migration

101798 - Understanding Freedom

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