Key Program - Software Engineering

Western Sydney University Key Program Code: KT3175.1

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3771.1 Bachelor of Engineering Advanced (Honours)

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

The Software Engineering key program provides a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge on computer software systems with practical acquisition of relevant industry skills. The program examines the processes of software design, development and maintenance. It also covers software specification, analysis, design, testing, implementation and maintenance. The program is designed in response to the growing demand for innovative, reliable and efficient software systems which are utilized in a broad field of industries. The program is offered inside an industry hub which provides students with direct access and firsthand experience with these industries.

Key Program Structure

This Key Program is intended to be delivered at Engineering Innovation Hub – Hassall St, Parramatta City subject to TESQA approval.

Year 1

Autumn session

301333 Mathematics for Engineers 1 (Advanced)
300964 Introduction to Engineering Practice
200025 Discrete Mathematics
301335 Engineering Programming Fundamentals

Spring session

301343 Software Engineering Fundamentals
301337 Mathematics for Engineers 2 (Advanced)
300147 Object Oriented Programming
300096 Computer Organisation

Year 2

Autumn session

301344 Mathematics for Software Engineers
301345 Systems Modelling and Design
301346 Requirements and Design Workshop
300104 Database Design and Development

Spring session

301347 Workshop on Reasoning about Programs
301348 Software Construction
300565 Computer Networking
300021 Electrical Fundamentals

Year 3

Autumn session

300103 Data Structures and Algorithms
301349 Software Engineering Industry Project
300018 Digital Systems 1
300005 Circuit Theory

Spring session

300404 Formal Software Engineering

And one Alternate unit

And two electives

Industrial Experience

300741 Industrial Experience (Engineering)

Year 4

Autumn session

300025 Electronics
301245 Final Year Project 1 (UG Engineering)

And two electives

Spring session

301246 Final Year Project 2 (UG Engineering)

And three Alternate units

Alternate Units

401140 Biomechanics
301122 Biomedical Electronics

Students are advised to select 301475 Biomedical Engineering from Autumn 2022

300019 Digital Systems 2
300361 Introduction to Human Biology
300995 Power Quality
300998 Sustainable Energy Systems

Optional Electives

The following unit is an optional elective unit offered to students who are engaged in a School approved project. This unit can be taken during the third year of this course, however, permission is required to enrol in the unit.

301089 Special Technical Project

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