Key Program - Mechanical

Western Sydney University Key Program Code: KT3140.1

Related Courses

3690.4 Bachelor of Engineering Advanced (Honours)

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

In addition to providing training in conventional mechanical engineering subjects, the course structure introduces students to units of study that address sustainability including sustainable design and sustainable energy engineering. Graduates will be well equipped with broad-based skills that meet the demand of Australian industries and are conscious of the need to promote sustainable design and practices. Examples include mechanical and machinery design; manufacturing; energy production; and marketing and management activities. Skills gained are required in industries such as manufacturing, materials handling, automobile, aerospace, mining, building services and infrastructure development.

Key Program Structure

Students choose their key program at the end of first year. Mechanical engineering students will then undertake the following units.

Full-time Autumn Intake

Year 2

Autumn session

300035 Kinematics and Kinetics of Machines
300040 Mechanics of Materials
300762 Fluid Mechanics
301290 Design Graphics: Communication for Manufacture

Spring session

300480 Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
300735 Automated Manufacturing
300760 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
300761 Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Students may transfer to 3740 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or 3691 Bachelor of Engineering Science at the end of Year 2 of study.

Year 3

Autumn session

300764 Mechanical Design
300763 Advanced Dynamics
300666 Advanced Engineering Topic 1

And one elective unit

* Elective units must be level 2 or higher

Spring session

300759 Thermal and Fluid Engineering
300488 Numerical Methods in Engineering
300667 Advanced Engineering Topic 2
300487 Mechatronic Design

Industrial Experience

300741 Industrial Experience (Engineering)

Year 4

Autumn session

300056 Robotics
300969 Advanced Engineering Thesis 1: Preliminary Investigations

And two alternate units

Spring session

300970 Advanced Engineering Thesis 2: Detailed Investigations
301000 Computer Aided Engineering

And two alternate units

Alternate Units

300999 Computational Fluid Dynamics
301287 Design Graphics: Engineering Documentation
301091 Graphics 4: Kinetic Narratives
300570 Human-Computer Interaction
300044 Microcontrollers and PLCs
300043 Mobile Robotics
301081 Sustainable Design 2: Product Service Systems

Optional Electives

301158 Modern Construction Enterprises
301159 Modern Construction Projects

The following unit is an optional elective unit offered to students who are engaged in a School approved project. This unit can be taken during the third year of this course, however, permission is required to enrol in the unit.

301089 Special Technical Project

Replaced Units

Please note; The units listed below count towards completion of the Key Program for students who may have passed these units in 2020 or earlier.

300971 Engineering Project 1

300972 Engineering Project 2

301076 Graphics 2: Visual Simulation

301079 Graphics 3: 3D Engineering Specifications and Visualisation

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