Key Program - Electrical

Western Sydney University Key Program Code: KT3137.1

Related Courses

3740.1 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
3740.2 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

This program includes core subjects from all branches of electrical engineering. Graduates will work in the fields of electronic components, computers, electro-magnetics, power generation and distribution systems, power and control systems in public utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing, and electrical systems.

Key Program Structure

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programs have a common first year structure.

Students choose their key program at the end of first year. Electrical engineering students will undertake the units listed below.

Full-time - Autumn Intake

Year 2

Autumn session

300005 Circuit Theory
300025 Electronics
300057 Signals and Systems
300018 Digital Systems 1

Spring session

300076 Microprocessor Systems
300481 Engineering Electromagnetics
300052 Power and Machines
300009 Control Systems

Students may transfer to 3691 Bachelor of Engineering Science at the end of Year 2 of study.

Year 3

Autumn session

300007 Communication Systems
300071 Electrical Machines 1

And one alternate unit

And one elective unit*

*Elective units must be level 2 or higher (an exception applies for students completing Mathematics for Engineers Preliminary unit)

Spring session

300771 Power Systems
300069 Digital Signal Processing
300070 Electrical Drives

And one alternate unit

Industrial Experience

300741 Industrial Experience (Engineering)

Year 4

Autumn session

300971 Engineering Project 1
300772 Power Electronics
300973 Engineering Thesis 1: Preliminary Investigations

From Autumn 2021 students are advised to take 301245 Final Year Project 1 instead of 300973 Engineering Thesis 1: Preliminary Investigations

301245 Final Year Project 1 (UG Engineering)

And one alternate unit

Spring session

300972 Engineering Project 2
300075 Instrumentation and Measurement
300974 Engineering Thesis 2: Detailed Investigations

From Autumn 2021 students are advised to take 301246 Final Year Project 2 instead of 300974 Engineering Thesis 2: Detailed Investigations

301246 Final Year Project 2 (UG Engineering)

And one Alternate unit

Alternate Units

Alternate units may be used to complete one of the Specialisation sub-majors listed below.

401140 Biomechanics
301122 Biomedical Electronics
301121 Biomedical Signals and Data Analysis
300997 Data Communications
300019 Digital Systems 2
300029 Engineering Visualization
300361 Introduction to Human Biology
300995 Power Quality
300489 Radio and Satellite Communication
300996 Smart Grids and Distributed Generation
300998 Sustainable Energy Systems
300065 Wireless Communications

Specialisation Sub-majors

SM3069 Telecommunications
SM3070 Power Engineering
SM3091 Biomedical Engineering

Optional Electives

301158 Modern Construction Enterprises
301159 Modern Construction Projects

The following unit is an optional elective unit offered to students who are engaged in a School approved project. This unit can be taken during the third year of this course, however, permission is required to enrol in the unit.

301089 Special Technical Project

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