The College Admission Pathway - WSTC Information and Communications Technology Extended - Info Sys - Non-Credentialed

Western Sydney University The College Admission Pathway Code: A7171.1

Related Courses

7140.1 Diploma in Information and Communications Technology Extended - Information Systems

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

The College Admission Pathway Structure

Students must be enrolled in 7140 Diploma in Information and communications Technology Extended - Information Systems to complete this specialisation.

Students must pass all Preparatory units (WSTC Prep) for which no advanced standing will be granted in the University degree program.

Students must pass 40 credit points from the Preparatory units (Level Z) prior to enrolling in the University level units (WSTC).

Term 1 of Study

700276 Academic and Professional Communication (WSTC Prep)
700205 Academic Skills for Information Communications Technology (WSTC Prep)
700278 Information Technology in Business (WSTC Prep)
700284 Mathematics 1 (WSTC Prep)

Term 2 of Study

700171 Tertiary Study Skills in Information and Communications Technology (WSTC Prep)
700047 Programming Design (WSTC Prep)
700146 Mathematics 2 (WSTC Prep)
700040 Principles of Professional Communication 1 (WSTC)
700000 Information Systems in Context (WSTC)

Term 3 of Study

700045 Statistics for Academic Purposes (WSTC Prep)
700013 Systems Analysis and Design (WSTC)
700008 Programming Fundamentals (WSTC)
700011 Database Design and Development (WSTC)

Term 4 of Study

700039 Object Oriented Analysis (WSTC)
700012 Computer Networking (WSTC)
700041 Statistical Decision Making (WSTC)

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