Postgraduate Admission Pathway - Master of Health Science (Occupational Health and Safety) 1.5 year pathway

Western Sydney University Postgraduate Admission Pathway Code: A4051.1

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4698.3 Master of Health Science
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Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

This specialisation focuses on the practice of workplace health within national and international frameworks. It explores issues such as the physical, social and mental impact of the occupational environment on health. Strategies for the management of workplace health are examined, together with methods of monitoring and evaluating occupational health programs. Students have the opportunity to develop a safety systems program concentrating on hazard identification, risk assessment and devising control measures incorporating safety management principles. Students in this specialisation can further focus their studies in areas relevant workplace health and safety officers, such as project management, and research and development.

Postgraduate Admission Pathway Structure

Students must complete 120 credit points, including all the Domian and Specialisation Core Units.

Domain Units

401076 Introduction to Epidemiology
401372 The Social Determinants of Health
401363 Health Systems and Policy
401365 Healthcare Data for Decision-Making

Specialisation Core

401361 Advanced Health Service Management
400777 Leadership for Quality and Safety in Health Care
102180 Translation from Theory and Research to Policy
401373 Workplace Safety and Risk Management

Capstone /Applied Units

Please note that the following units have Enrolment Restrictions.

Choose one of the

401079 Dissertation (Full Time)
301194 Financial Management of Projects
401282 Dissertation (Part Time)
401368 Professional Internship in Health
401435 Professional Internship in Health (Part-time)

Or the following two units for 40 credit points

401369 Professional Project in Health 1
401370 Professional Project in Health 2

Or the following unit

401369 Professional Project in Health 1

Plus two 10 credit point units included in the list of Alternate units below

102180 Translation from Theory and Research to Policy
102728 Research into Practice: bridging the clinician-researcher divide in applied and creative therapies
200717 Employment Relations Professional Practice
200719 Industrial Relations and Workplace Change
301195 Time and Quality Management
200721 Reward Management
200722 Strategic Employment Relations
200821 Financial Reports for Decision Making
200827 Developing Human Capital and Organisational Capability
200828 Diversity, Labour Markets and Workforce Planning
200845 Innovation Through Digital Technology
200848 Governance, Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship
200849 New Venture Finance
200850 Entrepreneurial Management Capabilities
200851 Innovation for New Markets
200852 Innovation, Creativity and Foresight
301028 Advanced Healthcare Data Environments
301187 Managing Project Teams and Stakeholders
301192 Risk Management and Decision Making
400235 Leadership in Clinical Practice
400238 Policy, Power and Politics in Health Care Provision
400241 Supporting Aged Communities
301029 Advanced Healthcare Software and Systems
400418 Health Advancement and Health Promotion
301193 Strategic Project Management
400777 Leadership for Quality and Safety in Health Care
400837 Health and Socio-political Issues in Aged Care
400840 Communicable Diseases
400846 Building Organisational Capacity in Health Care
400847 Surveillance and Disaster Planning
401077 Introduction to Biostatistics
401080 Research Protocol Design and Practice
401082 Cultural and Social Diversity in Health Care
401173 Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology
401174 Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases
401175 Analytic Approaches in Epidemiology
401176 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology
401177 Environmental Epidemiology
401178 Controversies in Epidemiology
401179 Data Management and Programming for Epidemiology
401238 Qualitative Research Methodology in Health
51240 Project Management
800218 Researcher Development 1: Reading, Writing, and the Business of Research
800219 Writing Beyond the Academy: Knowledge Translation and Public Audience Communication
401366 Digital Health Management
401367 Patient-centred digital healthcare
401362 Health Services Financing
401371 Quality and Safety
401364 Health Systems Planning and Evaluation

Replaced Units

The units listed below count towards completion of this specialisation for students who passed these units in 2019 or earlier.

800166.1 - Research Design 1: Theories of Enquiry

800167.1 - Research Literacies

Further information on recommended progression is available on the Postgraduate Health Science progression page.

Postgraduate Health Science Progression

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