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Data Management and Programming for EpidemiologyWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 401179.2


Student Contribution Band: 2

Level: 7

Credit Points: 10

Co ordinator
Andrew Page

Assumed Knowledge
High school mathematics (arithmetic, formulas and algebra, reading graphs). Basic computer competency and basic programming skills.

401077 Introduction to Biostatistics

Unit Enrolment Restrictions
Students must be enrolled in a postgraduate course.

Teaching Periods
Nothing on offer.

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About this Unit
Modern epidemiology deals with ever increasing volumes of data and complexity of analysis. This course is aimed at equipping students with effective practices for managing data and programme code and ensuring the security of their data. Students will be taught the fundamentals of managing code and data in a revision control system as well as good programming practices and techniques which can form a basis for a robust, repeatable and test-driven research methodology. Programming instruction and exercises will use the SAS and R languages, and SQL databases.

Special Requirements - Essential Equipment
Home computer or laptop or access to a machine on which software can be installed. (Necessary for assignments). Software required includes Git (free, open-source, multi-platform) and R (free, open-source, multi-platform).

3749.1Master of ScienceCONTINUING
3749.2Master of ScienceCURRENT
3776.1Graduate Certificate in Science (Exit only)CURRENT
3777.1Graduate Diploma in Science (Exit only)CURRENT
4698.1Master of Health ScienceCONTINUING
4698.2Master of Health ScienceCONTINUING
4698.3Master of Health ScienceCONTINUING
4698.4Master of Health ScienceCURRENT
4700.2Graduate Diploma in Health ScienceCONTINUING
4700.3Graduate Diploma in Health ScienceCURRENT
4701.2Graduate Certificate in Health ScienceCONTINUING
4702.1Master of Public HealthCONTINUING
4702.2Master of Public HealthCONTINUING
4704.2Graduate Diploma in Public HealthCONTINUING
4738.1Master of EpidemiologyCONTINUING
4738.2Master of EpidemiologyCURRENT
4739.1Graduate Diploma in EpidemiologyCURRENT
4740.1Graduate Certificate in EpidemiologyCURRENT
4753.1Master of Medicine (Allergic Diseases)CONTINUING
4753.2Master of Medicine (Allergic Diseases)CURRENT
8083.2Bachelor of Research StudiesCURRENT


A4000.1Master of Health Science (Health Service Management) - 2 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4001.1Master of Health Science (Aged Care Management) - 2 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4002.1Master of Health Science (Occupational Health and Safety) - 2 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4003.1Master of Health Science (Health Service Management) - 1.5 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4004.1Master of Health Science (Aged Care Management) - 1.5 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4005.1Master of Health Science (Occupational Health and Safety) - 1.5 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4008.1Master of Health Science (Occupational Health and Safety) - 1 year pathwayCONTINUING
A4009.1Master of Public Health - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4010.1Master of Public Health - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A4011.1Master of Public Health - 1 year pathwayCURRENT
A4012.1Master of Epidemiology - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4013.1Master of Epidemiology - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A4041.1Master of Science (Public Health Nutrition) - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4042.1Master of Science (Public Health Nutrition) - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A4047.1Master of Health Science (Health Service Management) 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4048.1Master of Health Science (Health Service Management) 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A4050.1Master of Health Science (Occupational Health and Safety) 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4051.1Master of Health Science (Occupational Health and Safety) 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
A4053.1Master of Health Science (Digital Health) 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4054.1Master of Health Science (Digital Health) 1.5 Year pathwayCURRENT
A4066.1Master of Epidemiology - 2 year pathwayCURRENT
A4067.1Master of Epidemiology - 1.5 year pathwayCURRENT
ST3057.1Public Health NutritionCURRENT

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