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Communication in HealthWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 400732.3


Student Contribution Band: 4

Level: 1

Credit Points: 10

Co ordinator
Caterina Tannous

Equivalent Units
400131 - Communication for the Helping Professions, 700062 - Communication in Health (WSTC)

Teaching Periods

PeriodOffered  Campus  Contact
2021 Spring  Yes  Campbelltown Campus - DAY  Elizabeth Atteya  Timetable not available  
2021 Spring  Yes  Online - ONLINE  Elizabeth Atteya  Timetable not available  
2021 Spring  Yes  Penrith Campus - DAY  Elizabeth Atteya  Timetable not available  
2021 Sydney City Session 2  Yes  Sydney City Campus - DAY  Andrey Zheluk  Timetable not available  
2021 Block A  Yes  Online - ONLINE  Maria Dent  Timetable not available   Print Unit Outline*

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About this Unit
NOTE: Students enrolled in an Online or Penrith university course should enrol into 400732 Campbelltown campus. For Spring 2020 this unit will be offered fully online for all students. Good communication within the health care setting is associated with improved health outcomes. This unit introduces students to foundation knowledge and skills required for effective communication with various stakeholders in varied and complex health situations. The unit is skills-based and uses case studies to create scenarios to which students learn to respond. There is a focus on the client interview and various questioning techniques designed to facilitate a therapeutic relationship as a means of developing rapport and trust. Strategies to promote communication within, between and across health professional disciplines, teams and government agencies is also explored. Written forms of documentation as well as communication skills required to communicate health information to clients, groups and the wider community are also presented. The unit uses a ‘student capital’ framework to facilitate reflection on current communication skills and those required for success at university and in future practice.

4656.1Bachelor of Health ScienceCONTINUING
4656.2Bachelor of Health ScienceCONTINUING
4656.3Bachelor of Health ScienceCURRENT
4659.4Bachelor of Health Science (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education)CONTINUING
4660.1Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Traditional Chinese MedicineCONTINUING
4660.2Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Traditional Chinese MedicineCONTINUING
4661.4Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Podiatric MedicineCONTINUING
4662.4Bachelor of Health Science/Master of PhysiotherapyCONTINUING
4663.2Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Occupational TherapyCONTINUING
4669.1Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine)CURRENT
4706.2Bachelor of PhysiotherapyCURRENT
4708.1Bachelor of Podiatric MedicineCURRENT
4709.1Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine (Honours)CURRENT
4710.1Bachelor of Traditional Chinese MedicineCURRENT
4711.1Bachelor of Occupational TherapyCONTINUING
4711.2Bachelor of Occupational TherapyCURRENT
4712.1Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)CONTINUING
4712.2Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)CURRENT
4733.1Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)CURRENT
4747.2Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Physical Education)CURRENT
4763.1Bachelor of Speech PathologyCONTINUING
4763.2Bachelor of Speech PathologyCURRENT
4764.1Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)CONTINUING
4764.2Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)CURRENT
6000.2Diploma in Health Science/Bachelor of Health ScienceCURRENT
7171.1Undergraduate Certificate in Public Health SupportCONTINUING
7172.1Undergraduate Certificate in Health Services ManagementCONTINUING
7173.1Undergraduate Certificate in Aged Care SupportCONTINUING
7176.1Undergraduate Certificate in Disability Care SupportCONTINUING


KT4000.1Health PromotionCONTINUING
KT4001.1Health Services ManagementCONTINUING
KT4002.1Therapeutic RecreationCONTINUING
KT4004.1Public HealthCURRENT
MT4000.1Clinical SciencesCURRENT
MT4001.1Health PromotionCURRENT
MT4002.1Health Services ManagementCURRENT
MT4003.1Public HealthCURRENT
MT4004.1Recreational TherapyCURRENT

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