School Of Law

Law's Self-UnderstandingWestern Sydney University Unit Code: 201027.2


Student Contribution Band: 4

Level: 3

Credit Points: 10

Co ordinator
Bradley Gooding

Assumed Knowledge
A basic familiarity with legal reasoning and the ‘separation of powers’ context in which they judiciary operates, and a basic understanding of the precepts of contemporary Western liberal political culture.

Incompatible Units
200649 - Jurisprudence

200007 Law Foundation OR 200978 Legal Analysis and Critique AND 200984 Government and Public Law

Teaching Periods
Nothing on offer.

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About this Unit
This unit of study explores the central organising ideas for our present understanding of law. What do these ideas amount to? What, according to these ideas, is significant about us from the legal standpoint? Can the proponents of these ideas deal with their critics? What are the similarities and differences between the legal subject and other ways of thinking about ourselves, such as from a moral or political standpoint? How should we understand the connections between these three separate realms? What is the character of the legal sphere in comparison with these other spheres? What is the character of legal, moral and political reasoning?

2501.9Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)CURRENT
2502.8Bachelor of Laws (Non graduate entry)CONTINUING
2502.9Bachelor of Laws (Non graduate entry)CURRENT
2537.12Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2538.10Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2743.10Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2743.11Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2752.6Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2758.5Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2766.3Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2766.4Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2767.3Bachelor of Criminal and Community Justice/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2767.4Bachelor of Criminal and Community Justice/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2768.3Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2769.3Bachelor of Construction Management Studies/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2769.4Bachelor of Construction Management Studies/Bachelor of LawsCONTINUING
2769.5Bachelor of Construction Management Studies/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2785.3Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2788.3Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2789.3Bachelor of Business (Advanced Business Leadership)/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2800.2Bachelor of Information Systems/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2801.2Bachelor of Information Systems Advanced/Bachelor of LawsCURRENT
2827.1Diploma in Laws (exit only)CURRENT

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