Sub-major - Philosophy

Western Sydney University Sub-major Code: SM1076.1

This version of the specialisation is available to new and continuing students.

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Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : YES, if the specialisation is available on your Home campus. Please ensure your course structure allows space for enrolment in the units in this unit set. Students must also meet any pre-requisite requirements. Consult your Course Advisor for further advice.

Philosophy has always asked the “big questions” about our lives. These are questions, for example, about the limits of our knowledge, the best way that humans can live together, how we understand the world around us, and what is the good life. A philosophy sub-major will enable students to develop particular skills and attributes - such as clear thinking, capacities to assess arguments and values, sound understanding of important philosophical views that have always been essential to university scholarship, and which continue to be valuable for graduates in both public and private life.


Campus Mode Specialisation Advice
Bankstown Campus Internal enquiriesHCA@uws.edu.au
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal enquiriesHCA@uws.edu.au

Sub-major Structure

To complete a sub-major in Philosophy, students must complete 40 credit points. At least two units must come from the following four foundation units

102570 Books that Changed how we Think
101915 Ethics and Philosophy
101918 Introduction to Philosophy
102571 Thinkers That Changed the World

Additional units to complete the sub-major can be chosen from the above four units, or from the following pool units.

Note: Not all units will be offered each year. Units will be offered on a rotational basis.

Level 2 Unit Pool

100244 Ancient Western Culture: Periclean Athens
101881 Philosophy and the Good Life
101867 The Ethical Life
101989 Thinking Cinema
101983 Truth and Knowledge
101912 Western Political Philosophy

Level 3 Unit Pool

101295 Aesthetics
102420 Classics of Modern Philosophy
102007 Ethics in Historical Perspective
100875 Literature and Philosophy
100275 Philosophies of Love and Death
102417 Philosophy and Environment
102493 Philosophy of History
102789 Philosophy of Race and Racism
101965 Philosophy of Religion
100969 Theories of Conflict and Violence
101913 Theories of Authority
101798 Understanding Freedom
101731 Understanding Power
101010 What is the Human?

Please note

The Core units and the Level 2 and 3 pool units listed below count towards completion of the major for students who may have passed units in the list below in 2017 or earlier.

Core units

101916 - Case Studies in Philosophy: Text

101914 - Case Studies in Philosophy: Thinker

102415 - Key Philosophers

102419 - Philosophy in Focus

Level 2

100852 - Classics of Modern Philosophy

101843 - Philosophy and Environment

Level 3

101844 - Feminist Theories

The Level 3 unit listed below counts towards completion of the sub-major for students who successfully completed the unit in 2019 or earlier.

100961 - Humanities Internship

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