Major - Innovation Design Management

Western Sydney University Major Code: M3087.1

This version of the specialisation is available only to continuing or completing students.

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3502.7 Bachelor of Design and Technology
3503.7 Bachelor of Industrial Design

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : YES, if the specialisation is available on your Home campus. Please ensure your course structure allows space for enrolment in the units in this unit set. Students must also meet any pre-requisite requirements. Consult your Course Advisor for further advice.

This unit set focuses on the development of products, services and systems relating to the management and production of industrial design, human and resources capital, implementation and delivery of goods. Key learning outcomes for the set are strategic thinking, organizational and decision making skills, design process, marketing process, innovation and new product development, practice and nature of entrepreneurship as all business entities require enterprising management to enhance their survival ability. Importantly, the unit set shows how to manage change as a change agent, the dynamics relating to it, and the way to innovate through human, resources and production challenges.


Campus Mode Specialisation Advice
Penrith Campus Internal Mauricio Novoa

Major Structure

Students must complete 80 credit points as follows

The following are core units

300014 Design Management 3: Organisational Skills for Designers
200083 Marketing Principles

The following are drawn from alternate Industrial Design units

200862 Creating Change and Innovation
300012 Design Management 1: Product Design Audit
300013 Design Management 2: Corporate Image and Identity
300015 Design Management 4: Design Process
200571 Management Dynamics
200154 Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation

Note: Unit 200154 Enterpreneurial Management and Innovation is no longer offered. Students are required to complete 200863 Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

200863 Leadership and Entrepreneurship

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