Major - Forensic Science

Western Sydney University Major Code: M3051.1

This version of the specialisation is available only to continuing or completing students.

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

This major gives a systematic introduction to the principles and practice of forensic science, emphasising the importance of maintaining the integrity of physical evidence during its recovery and analysis. The major is designed to complement a science-based degree, but it may also be taken by students who are studying a different discipline or profession. It includes the relevant pre-requisites for the Level 2 and 3 units, and the forensic content and principles are sequenced through the curriculum. This major in may be complemented by units from other disciplines such as the biological sciences, statistics, policing, criminology and law. Students who are interested in the analysis of DNA evidence may take Functional Genes and Proteins and Molecular Biology, or equivalent units. Other relevant science units include Biometry, Botany, Genetics, Introduction to Anatomy and Histology, Invertebrate Biology, Ecology and Physics 1.


Campus Mode Specialisation Advice
Hawkesbury Campus Internal Prof Chris Lennard

Major Structure

This major is only available to students enrolled in 3675 Bachelor of Science and to students in 3562 Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science) who are undertaking the Forensic Science program. This major is not available to students enrolled in the course 3589 Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science).

Students must complete eight units as follows

Level 1

300800 Essential Chemistry 1
300803 Essential Chemistry 2
300806 Forensic Science

Level 2

300843 Forensic and Environmental Analysis
300935 Evidence and Crime Scene Management

Level 3

300868 Forensic Chemistry
300883 Laboratory Quality Management
300882 Forensic Archaeology

From 2016 unit 300882 Forensic Archeology will be replaced with

301120 Forensic Anthropology

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