The College Admission Pathway - WSTC Science Extended - Natural Science - Non-Credentialed Students

Western Sydney University The College Admission Pathway Code: A7114.1

This version of the specialisation is available only to continuing or completing students.

The College Admission Pathway Structure

Students must be enrolled in 7121 Diploma in Science Extended - Natural Science to complete this specialisation.

Students must pass the following preparatory units for which no advanced standing will be granted in the University degree program.

Students must pass 40 credit points from the following preparatory units prior to enrolling in the University level units listed below.

Preparatory Units

700209 Introduction to Academic Communication 1 (WSTC Prep)
700230 Academic Skills for Science (WSTC Prep)
700231 Fundamentals of Science (WSTC Prep)
700232 Focus on Biology (WSTC Prep)
700043 Chemistry (WSTC Prep)

Univeristy level Units

8 University Level units (common across both Standard and Extended courses):

700125 Cell Biology (WSTC)
700122 Essential Chemistry 2 (WSTC)
700124 Scientific Literacy (WSTC)

Students must pass one of the following two University level units

700155 Introductory Chemistry (WSTC)
700121 Essential Chemistry 1 (WSTC)

Students must pass one of the following two University level units

700095 Biodiversity (WSTC)
700035 Physics 1 (WSTC)

Students must pass one of the following two University level units

700123 Quantitative Thinking (WSTC)
700033 Biometry (WSTC)

AND TWO more units from the following five units (depending on which course students are progressing to):

700099 Resource Sustainability (WSTC)
700096 Integrated Science (WSTC)
700098 Introduction to Physiology (WSTC)
700266 Concepts in Human Anatomy (WSTC)
700265 Food Science 1 (WSTC)

The recommended units to be chosen from the above five alternate units listed above for each University degree are detailed below: Students progressing to B Natural Science (Animal Science or Environmental Management) must choose:

700096 Integrated Science (WSTC)
700099 Resource Sustainability (WSTC)

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