Postgraduate Admission Pathway - Master of Epidemiology - 1.5 year pathway

Western Sydney University Postgraduate Admission Pathway Code: A4013.1

This version of the specialisation is available to new and continuing students.

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4738.1 Master of Epidemiology

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Courses : NO

The Master of Epidemiology course is designed for graduates interested in a career in health research, including clinicians (medical, nursing and allied health) and practitioners from health-related fields (public health, environmental health, communicable disease control). It provides an advanced understanding of epidemiological concepts and methods and their application in clinical, public health and health policy settings. A variety of electives allow acquisition of specialist skills and knowledge in areas including disease surveillance, research protocol design and statistical modelling. A capstone unit involving design and conduct of an epidemiological study, which may be workplace-based, allows students to integrate their knowledge and experiences from the whole program.


Campus Mode Specialisation Advice
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal Professor Andrew Page

Postgraduate Admission Pathway Structure

Master of Epidemiology - Advanced Standing. One and a half year program (120 credit points)

Applicants must have an undergraduate honours degree (Level 8), or higher, in a health, welfare or aged care discipline.

In addition to these higher qualifications, applicants with Advanced Standing must also have a demonstrated breadth of prior knowledge related to health-related policy and/or practice, including epidemiology and its research/policy applications.

Year 1

Autumn session

Core Units

401077 Introduction to Biostatistics

Choose one of

401173 Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology
401076 Introduction to Epidemiology

Alternate Units

Choose two of

400841 A Global Perspective on Social Determinants of Health
401178 Controversies in Epidemiology
401179 Data Management and Programming for Epidemiology
401177 Environmental Epidemiology
401174 Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases
401238 Qualitative Research Methodology in Health

Spring session

Core Units

401175 Analytic Approaches in Epidemiology
401176 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology

Alternate Units

Choose two of

400840 Communicable Diseases
400967 Health Economics and Comparative Health Systems
401238 Qualitative Research Methodology in Health
401080 Research Protocol Design and Practice

Year 2

Autumn session

401079 Dissertation (Full Time)


Autumn/Spring session

401282 Dissertation (Part Time)

401282 Dissertation (Part time) is completed over two teaching sessions, thus students will need to enrol twice in this unit.


No units are removed or waived from this program pathway. All prospective students must complete core, capstone and alternate units. Students who demonstrate that they qualify for Advanced Standing on the basis of a breadth of prior knowledge in a cognate area are exempt from completing alternate units that represent more specialised areas of the program.

For applicants with a background in health-related policy and/or practice, including epidemiology and its research/policy applications, units 400967, 400841, 401174, 401177 and 401178 do not constitute core requirements for their completion of the course.

Exit Awards

Students can elect to exit the program with a Graduate Certificate (40 credit points) or Graduate Diploma in Epidemiology (80 credit points). These are offered as 6 and 12 month full-time programs respectively, or as part-time equivalent programs.

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