Major - Forensic Chemistry

Western Sydney University Major Code: M3100.1

This version of the specialisation is available only to continuing or completing students.

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3675.4 Bachelor of Science
6004.1 Diploma in Science/Bachelor of Science

This major gives a systematic introduction to the principles and practice of forensic chemistry. Forensic chemistry is the science underlying many forensic investigations from the analysis of toxic material to the detection and identification of illicit drug use. Forensic chemistry also forms the basis of a large portion of the techniques used at the crime scene. This major is designed to complement a science-based degree, but it may also be taken by students who are studying a different discipline or profession as all pre-requisites are included.


Campus Mode Specialisation Advice
Hawkesbury Campus Internal Prof. Chris Lennard

Major Structure

Students must complete eight units as follows

Level 1

300800 Essential Chemistry 1


300808 Introductory Chemistry

Note: Only one chemistry unit may be chosen. Choose 300800 - Essential Chemistry OR 300803 - Introductory Chemistry.

300803 Essential Chemistry 2
300806 Forensic Science

Level 2

300935 Evidence and Crime Scene Management
300843 Forensic and Environmental Analysis

Level 3

300981 Environmental Forensic Investigations
300868 Forensic Chemistry
300883 Laboratory Quality Management

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