Key Program - Forensic Science

Western Sydney University Key Program Code: KT3149.1

This version of the specialisation is available only to continuing or completing students.

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3562.9 Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science)

This is a three year program that produces scientists who have a good background in the biological and chemical sciences, coupled with specialised expertise in forensic science, including methods of forensic analysis, crime scene investigation, forensic photography, forensic investigation, crime and criminal justice and complex case. Students may opt to further specialise in forensic biology, chemistry or microbiology by selecting additional electives or studies in a related or unrelated discipline. Career opportunities include forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, private investigators and consultants, police officers, drug analysts, researchers and academics, and specialised forensic science practitioners. The main employers of forensic scientists are State and Federal police services, State and Commonwealth Government Health Departments and analytical chemical laboratories. Graduates will be versatile with a wide skills base with (depending on their choice of electives) potential for employment in analytical chemistry and microbiology, quality control and assurance, biochemistry and molecular biology, scientific research, education and the chemical industry.


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Key Program Structure

Students completing the Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science) (Forensic Science) will complete the following course structure.

Year 1

Autumn session

300802 Biodiversity
300811 Scientific Literacy
300806 Forensic Science

Choose one of

300800 Essential Chemistry 1
300808 Introductory Chemistry

Spring session

300816 Cell Biology
300803 Essential Chemistry 2
300874 Digital Forensic Photography
200263 Biometry

Year 2

Autumn session

300937 Advanced Science Project A
300843 Forensic and Environmental Analysis
300845 Genetics
300825 Introduction to Anatomy

From 2017: 300825 Introduction to Anatomy replaced with the following unit:

301126 Concepts in Human Anatomy

Spring session

300938 Advanced Science Project B
300873 Crime Scene Investigation
300817 Molecular Biology
401171 Imaging Science

Year 3

Autumn session

300910 Advanced Science Project C
300981 Environmental Forensic Investigations
300868 Forensic Chemistry
301120 Forensic Anthropology

Spring session

300924 Science Research Project
300911 Complex Forensic Studies
401170 Forensic Biology
300883 Laboratory Quality Management

Major - Crime Scene Investigation

M4012 Crime Scene Investigation

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