Key Program - Nutrition and Food Science

Western Sydney University Key Program Code: KT3132.1

This version of the specialisation is available only to continuing or completing students.

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3562.9 Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science)

Healthy eating is a vital part of good health. There is more to healthy eating than you realise. A Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Science) will prepare you for the future by developing the skills and knowledge to solve future challenges in nutrition and health, food quality and security. The majors will allow further specialisation in your studies in Nutrition and Food Science and allow a wide range of careers in community nutrition and health promotion ensuring healthy diets and lifestyles for good health. The program has strong industry and community links, well-equipped facilities including food processing pilot plant and modern kitchen facilities. A major in Human Nutrition investigates healthy eating as a vital part of maintaining good health and health promotion. The major covers specialised studies in applied and community nutrition, metabolism and human physiology, preparing students for careers in community nutrition, health promotion and education, or work in a range of food and nutrition related businesses, including new product development of healthy foods A major in Food Science explores the science behind food, its preparation, manufacture, storage and preservation. The major covers specialised topics in food processing, quality assurance, product development, postharvest, packaging, microbiological and chemical analysis of foods preparing you for a wide range of careers in the food and beverage related industries, including food product development, quality assurance, food regulations, research and development, plus management of fresh food supply. A major in Food Technology Secondary Teaching brings together food science and nutrition with education studies to meet the graduate requirements for teaching food technology. The major includes specialised studies in food processing, food product development, nutrition, contemporary food issues, and growing crops for school garden projects. It will also address issues in the food marketplace relevant to the Australian food industry and prepare you to teach biology, chemistry or design and technology as additional first or second teaching areas, or design and technology depending on electives selected.


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Key Program Structure

Students completing the Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science) (Nutrition and Food Science) will complete the following course structure.

Note: At least 60 credit points must be at Level 3 or above. (Some students may need to take an elective as a Level 3 unit)

Year 1

Autumn session

300802 Biodiversity
300811 Scientific Literacy

Choose one of

300800 Essential Chemistry 1
300808 Introductory Chemistry

Choose one of

300830 Analysis of Change
200263 Biometry
300672 Mathematics 1A
300831 Quantitative Thinking

Spring session

300816 Cell Biology
300803 Essential Chemistry 2
300805 Food Science 1
300937 Advanced Science Project A

Students in the Human Nutrition Major (Advanced) complete the following as their fourth unit

300818 Introduction to Physiology

Note: 300937 - Advanced Science Project A is situated in Semester 2 for administrative purposes only. This unit will be completed at an appropriate time in Semester 3 or 5 after consultation with the Director of Academic Programs.

Year 2

Autumn session

300936 Functional Proteins and Genes
300833 Microbiology 1
300842 Food Science 2
300933 Nutrition and Health 1
300937 Advanced Science Project A

300937 - Advanced Project A: enrol in this unit as a fifth unit in Year 2 Autumn semester; attend Workshop in Autumn mid-semester break and complete literature review by end of July.

Spring session

300938 Advanced Science Project B
300879 Experimental Foods

Human Nutrition Major (Advanced)

300848 Metabolism
300934 Nutrition and Health 2

Food Science Major (Advanced)

300859 Food Safety
300869 Postharvest

Year 3

Autumn session

300910 Advanced Science Project C
300922 Quality Assurance and Food Analysis

Human Nutrition Major (Advanced)

300851 Advanced Physiology

Students in the Human Nutrition Major may wish to complete an optional extra unit in this semester: choose one of

300928 Consumer Issues in Nutrition
300819 Topics in Physiology

Food Science Major (Advanced)

300871 Culinary Science

Choose one of

300866 Analytical Microbiology
300843 Forensic and Environmental Analysis

Spring session

Capstone Unit

300924 Science Research Project
300915 Food Product Development

Human Nutrition Major (Advanced)

300908 Applied Nutrition
300917 Global Nutrition, Food and Community

Food Science Major (Advanced)

300904 Advanced Food Science and Technology
300883 Laboratory Quality Management

All students must satisfactorily complete the unit 300655 - Approved Industrial Experience (10 weeks), comprising a minimum of ten weeks Approved Industrial Experience.

300655 Approved Industrial Experience

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