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Course 1818.3 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

If specialisations are included within the structure for this course, they will be displayed below. Please check the box/es for the specialisations you wish to include in your printed document.

Students are reminded to refer to the completion requirements for their Course to ensure they complete all mandatory specialisations required for Course completion.

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Collapse SpecalisationsSpecalisations
M1041.1 Indigenous Australian Studies MAJOR
M1052.1 Cultural and Social Analysis MAJOR
M1053.1 English MAJOR
M1054.1 History and Political Thought MAJOR
M1055.1 International Relations and Asian Studies MAJOR
M1056.1 Islamic Studies MAJOR
M1058.1 Philosophy MAJOR
M1059.1 Arabic MAJOR
M1060.1 Chinese MAJOR
M1062.1 Japanese MAJOR
M1069.1 Criminology and Criminal Justice MAJOR
M1071.1 Geography and Urban Studies MAJOR
M1073.1 Sociology MAJOR
M1077.1 Heritage and Tourism MAJOR
M1083.1 Peace and Development Studies MAJOR
M1093.1 Indonesian MAJOR
M1097.1 Anthropology MAJOR
M1108.1 International English MAJOR
M1110.1 Psychological Studies MAJOR
M1113.1 Creative Writing MAJOR
M1114.1 Musicology MAJOR
M1115.1 Music Performance MAJOR
M1119.1 Linguistics MAJOR
M1129.1 International English MAJOR
MT2021.1 Applied Finance MJTESTAMUR
MT2022.1 Economics MJTESTAMUR
MT2024.1 Human Resource Management MJTESTAMUR
MT2025.1 International Business MJTESTAMUR
MT2026.1 Management MJTESTAMUR
MT2027.1 Marketing MJTESTAMUR
MT2035.1 Hospitality Management MJTESTAMUR
MT2036.1 Sport Management MJTESTAMUR
SM1047.1 Music Performance Studies SUBMAJOR
SM1049.1 Indigenous Australian Studies SUBMAJOR
SM1065.1 Musicology SUBMAJOR
SM1070.1 Cultural and Social Analysis SUBMAJOR
SM1071.1 English SUBMAJOR
SM1072.1 History and Political Thought SUBMAJOR
SM1073.1 International Relations and Asian Studies SUBMAJOR
SM1074.1 Islamic Studies SUBMAJOR
SM1076.1 Philosophy SUBMAJOR
SM1077.1 Arabic SUBMAJOR
SM1078.1 Chinese SUBMAJOR
SM1080.1 Japanese SUBMAJOR
SM1091.1 Criminology and Criminal Justice SUBMAJOR
SM1093.1 Geography and Urban Studies SUBMAJOR
SM1094.1 Sociology SUBMAJOR
SM1097.1 Heritage and Tourism SUBMAJOR
SM1102.1 Peace and Development Studies SUBMAJOR
SM1112.1 Indonesian SUBMAJOR
SM1115.1 Psychological Studies SUBMAJOR
SM1116.1 Creative Writing SUBMAJOR
SM1119.1 Linguistics SUBMAJOR
SM1120.1 International English SUBMAJOR
SM1128.1 Immersion Language SUBMAJOR
SM1132.1 International English SUBMAJOR

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