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Diploma in Social Science/Bachelor of Tourism Management

Approved Abbreviation: DipSocSci/BTrsmMgt

Western Sydney University Course Code: 6030.2

AQF Level: 7

CRICOS Code: 096604M

Course Status: CURRENT
This version of the course is available to new and continuing students.

Students should follow the course structure for the course version relevant to the year they commenced. This version applies to students whose commencement year in this course is Term 2, 2021 or later.

For Commencement Year 2018 - Term 1 2021, please refer to 6030.1 - Diploma in Social Science/Bachelor of Tourism Management

This degree combines studies in social science, heritage and tourism, and business. Graduates are provided with the flexibility, knowledge and skills needed for a wide range of careers in tourism, hospitality, recreation, leisure and sport in the public and private sectors. It also equips students with transferable skills relevant to any industry. Students can study allied fields including geography and urban studies, anthropology, humanitarian and development studies, and sociology.

The first year of this course is delivered by Western Sydney University The College, as an agent of Western Sydney University, via extended face-to-face hours in smaller learning environments. A Diploma in Social Science exit point is also available at the end of the first year of the course.

For more information on Western Sydney University, The College, please refer to their web site.

Western Sydney University, The College

For course advice during your first year of study, please use the contact below under ‘Course Advice’. For course advice during your second and subsequent years of study, please use the contact listed for Bachelor of Tourism Management.

Bachelor of Tourism Management

Study Mode
Three years full-time or six years part-time.

Course Advice

College Course
Prospective students should use the links at the top of the page for general enquiries about this course.


CampusAttendanceModeCourse Advice
Bankstown CampusFull TimeInternal See above
Bankstown CampusPart TimeInternal See above
Parramatta Campus - Victoria RoadFull TimeInternalJulie Wen
Parramatta Campus - Victoria RoadPart TimeInternalJulie Wen
Penrith CampusFull TimeInternal See above
Penrith CampusPart TimeInternal See above
The College - Nirimba Education PrecinctFull TimeInternal See above
The College - Nirimba Education PrecinctPart TimeInternal See above

Special Requirements Prerequisites
Working with Children Check where required, and for international placements, a medical clearance for 102723 Social Sciences International Placement (II): Placement unit.

Work Integrated Learning

Western Sydney University seeks to enhance student learning experiences by enabling students to engage in the culture, expectations and practices of their profession or discipline. This course includes a placement or other community-based unpaid practical experience.

There is a mandatory work component required for completion of this course. Please contact the Course Advisor listed above for information.

International students should also refer to the 'Work Integrated Learning (WIL) for international students' website for more information and a link to the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) for international students

Course Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 260 credit points which include the units listed in the recommended sequence below.

The early exit College Diploma consists of 100 credit points which includes two College Preparatory units.

Western Sydney University The College Units

Bankstown, Penrith and Nirimba Campus

Please note that all campuses may not have intakes each year.

Year 1

First Term of Study

700056Academic English (WSTC Prep)
700323Key Concepts and Skills in the Social Sciences (WSTC Prep)
700051The Individual in Society (WSTC)

Second Term of Study

700049Understanding Society (WSTC)
700159People, Place and Social Difference (WSTC)
700139Working with Communities (WSTC)

Third Term of Study

700140Working with Cultural Differences (WSTC)
700158Human Rights, Peace and Development (WSTC)

Choose two of

700156Crime, Deviance and Society (WSTC)
700268Introduction to International Relations (WSTC)
700267Issues in World Development: Rich World, Poor World (WSTC)

Students may exit at this point and graduate with the Diploma in Social Science following a passing grade in all of the above units. Students who progress onto Year 2 may also be awarded the Diploma if they gain a passing grade in all of the above units.

  • Students must pass all College Preparatory units before progressing to the Year 2 units.
  • Students must pass at least 70 credit points of University level units in Year 1 before progressing to the Year 2 units.

Western Sydney University Units

For course advice during your second and subsequent years of study, please use the contact listed for the Bachelor of Tourism Management.

Bachelor of Tourism Management

Students should note that 60 credit points must be Level 3 units in Years 2 and 3.

Parramatta (Victoria Road) Campus

Year 2

Autumn session

101901Tourism and Global Trends
200911Enterprise Innovation and Markets
200912Enterprise Leadership
102386Sustainability, Tourism and Place

Spring session

101598Tourism in Society
101601Issues in Contemporary Heritage
101905Indigenous Cultures: A Global Perspective
102779Travel in the Digital Age

Year 3

Autumn session

101599Heritage and Tourism
101904Tourism Policy and Planning
101270Destination Management

Choose one from these pool units:

200909Enterprise Law
200910Financing Enterprises
200990Special Event Management
101645Transport, Access and Equity
101593Planning the City: Development, Community and Systems

Spring session

In Year 3 students choose unit 102385 Tourism Industry Professional Placement (20 credit points) and two elective units (ten credit points each) in Spring session or choose units 102723 Social Sciences International Placement (I) and 102724 Social Sciences International Placement (II) in 2H session plus unit 102725 Social Sciences International Placement (III) in Summer A session (totalling 40 credit points).

102385Tourism Industry Professional Placement

Two elective units


2H session

102723Social Sciences International Placement (1): Preparation for Placement
102724Social Sciences International Placement (II): Placement

Summer A session

102725Social Sciences International Placement (III): Post-placement Reflections

Elective Sub-majors which may be available

Students could also include the Heritage and Tourism specialisation (SM1097), by including Heritage Interpretation (101643) and Cultural and Social Geographies (101590) as two of their three remaining electives.

SM1097Heritage and Tourism

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